Hi I’m James and I am running for County Council in Anne Arundel County’s 7th District because I believe that our political system is broken and that change must begin at the local level. I have specific ideas about how to create positive change, and to do so in a way that brings empathy and evidence into our public discourse. Empathizing with each other’s perspectives, even when we disagree, is vital; as is making fact-based policy decisions. I am committed to these principles and I have the skill set to carry them out. My campaign will focus on Local Quality of Life, Education, and Political Voice. What sets me apart from other candidates that will claim to support the same issues is that I won’t hesitate to challenge the current power structure when they work against these goals. I encourage you to explore this website to find out more about myself, my platform, and how you can help. Thanks!

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Local Quality of Life

Roads, traffic, intersections, land-use, the environment, public safety – these issues have a tremendous effect on our communities and our families.

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Public education is key to building a thriving, sustainable county. We need the political will to make the proper investments in education.

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Political Voice

Our system of government, at all levels, does not incentivize officials to listen to the people & the solutions must start locally.

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