My Issues

Local Quality of Life


Our county should be more than a collection of bedroom communities, which is what we are quickly becoming. Each of us should get to live in a community that we genuinely enjoy spending our lives in.



To help us get closer to that point, my campaign will place a lot of focus on local quality of life issues. Among other things, this includes taking a careful look at traffic & intersections, land-use, the environment, and supporting our first responders. These issues have a tremendous impact on our communities and our families. As a Councilman, I will carefully consider how every decision I make will affect the quality of life of those I represent.




Public education is key to building a thriving county. We need the political will to make the proper investments in education - which we have not had in quite some time.



As someone who is a former high school teacher, is married to an elementary school teacher, works in the field of education policy, and has two children that are just beginning their journey through our school system, I will fight to consistently prioritize education funding. I will push for an amount of funding that allows for consistent raises for our teachers and other educational professionals, for smaller class sizes, and for high quality vocational programs.

Political Voice


Our system of government, at all levels, does not incentivize officials to listen to the people and it is way too hard to have our voices heard on the issues that matter to us.



Those of us who are in our mid-thirties or younger literally cannot remember a time when our political system worked in the way it was intended to. I strongly believe that the solutions to this must start at the local level. I will focus on issues of transparency, will commit to holding bi-monthly town halls, and will push for meaningful campaign finance reform. Campaign finance is the key to incentivizing officials to listen to the voters over the donor class.


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